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Vector Walk UT Campus 1 2 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/ResultantUTwalk1AAS.jpg Find Resultant displacement: State Capital to 24th and Guadalupe St.?
Addition 25th Tx. District 1 2 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/25thCongDistrictOfTx.jpg Find resultant displacement: Austin to McAllen:Jerrymandered End?
Kinematics Mutts Math Drop < 1 4,5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/KinematicsAAS1.JPG Find distance to "Bonk"(ground) and final velocity?
  Lead Shot drop tower 1 4,5 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/0405ShotTowerAAS.jpg S.F.Austin's Va. 1807 hometown lead shot ammunition production.
Projectiles Bonds Hits 700 1 9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/Projectiles1AAS.JPG 45 degree hit/flat field. Find: initial V & flight time?
Hint:Break solution 110 Meter Hurdles 2 9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/Projectiles2AAS.JPG Speed is uniform along low parabolic arcs.College best 110 m hurdles
into horizontal & Austin Hole in Ones 1 9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/AustinHoleInOnes.mht is 9.9 sec. Find v(ft/s) & angle relative to horizontal to raise cm 1.5 ft.?
vertical sections. Tiger drives 347 yds 1 9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/347YardTigerAAS.JPG Tiger's 347 yd. tee drive hits green. Wins Doral Ford PGA March 05.
Newton's 2nd        
Statics: a = 0 Football Player  1 3 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/Statics1AAS.JPG Find each leg force using conditions for static equilbrium?
  BC Laying on Hill   6&7 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BCLayingOnHill.JPG Make a free body diagram of forces on BC  +  more?
1 obj.,   a not = 0 Ship crash 1 6 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/Newton1Objecta1AAS.jpg Find force(F) on cruise ship? Cruiser went from 5 to 0 mi/hr in 20 ft. 
  Corvette C6 Forcing 1 6 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/ForcingCorvetteC6.jpg Find Force causing this NEW Corvette accelerate to 60 mph quick?
  Shuttle + 1 Blast off 1 7 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/Newton1Objecta2fAAS.jpg Find a of each spaceship?  Hint: FBD,variables,concept,working eq.
60 mi/hr=88 ft/s Roof jerked up/down 1 7 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/CrownLowered_AAS.jpg Cable tension at Houston Court House construction:"a" UP & DOWN.
  Mutt Slides down hill. 1 8 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/2ndFloorMuttSlideAAS.jpg Find friction coefficient on Mutt's Butt.Use kinematics & Newton'd 2nd.
Centripetal force Space Station 2 14 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/SpaceStationAAS.jpg Find: period, speed, distance traveled of inter. Space Station?
  Turino Skating Turn 2 14 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/FigureSkatingTorinoAAS.jpg Knowing angle of tilt to vertical in a turn & R, find turn V?
Work-Energy Ship crash 1 11 see above: Newton1Objecta1AAS    for image Same question as Newton1Objecta1AAS, but use Work-energy ideas.
Conservation; Mutt Slides down hill.  1 11 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/2ndFloorMuttSlideAAS.jpg Find coefficient of friction but use work-energy concepts?
  Lance Power up Mt. 1 11 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/LanceHillPower.jpg Show 180 lb Lance powering up Mt. at 15 mi/hr is less than a horse?
Rotational Bus almost tips over 1 15 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/BeeCaveMoPacRotEqui.jpg Find how close the bus came to tipping over bridge?
Angular  05ChevyEquinoxSUV 1 16 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/AngularDynamics1AAS.jpg Show @ the 210 ft.lb torque case the HP developed is < 185 HP ?
HEAT Energy Heat need of Objects. 1 20 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/SpHeat_HeatFlowAAS.bmp Object's material determins amt.heat needed to heat them up.
WAVES Trombone Waves 1 22 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/TromboneWavesAAS.jpg Trombone Length effects frequency produced.Organ pipes same way.