Spring 2006 edition Syllabus for Dr. Cise's Class
Initial Words: Physics students have future well paying professional careers after College. Some of these well paying careers are: Engineering, Financial Engineering,
Information Systems Management, IT, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology,Geology,Allied Health,Pharmacy,Doctors,Dentists,Physical Therapists,
Electronic Tech, Semiconductor Manufacturing Tech.,Physics Research, Environmental Engineering, etc., etc. These are well paid careers.
These professions REQUIRE your DEVELOPMENT of ABOVE AVERAGE ANALYTICAL/DIGITAL SKILLS. Learning Physics is part of that skill
set your selected profession has required you MUST LEARN.  So, either LEARN "it" or pick a another profession. America is full of "Choices".
You can become a wealthy American and never go to or finish College. E.g. Dell, Gates, and 1000's more. Physics just might not be in the cards for you.
Homework(HW): This can be a very enjoyable and fun documented learning experience for you. This is where the pencil hits the paper as it is said.
To be successful in this course you must submit by the scheduled due dates very tidy organized homework. The homework requirements 
and due dates are located on the course schedule. Homework is meant to reinforce concepts learned. This course requires your very
active participation. Reading the text is a start. But, actually performing your homework successfully is verification that you are learning
and will be reflected in above average(A & B) test grades. usually.   HW done quickly(or copied from a tutor or friend) is a useless learning
experience and has no future value.  Well done HW solutions to Physics problems have these essential ingredients: SKETCH, VARIABLES, 
CONCEPT, USEFUL EQUATION, SOLUTION. Late HW is only accepted until the week prior to a major exam:Qterm,Mid term & Final. If you decide
 to sit back, relax, and be entertained in this class,and not do any HW,you should withdraw from this class today and save yourself
time and money. Book a ticket to Cancun and chill out. Be sure to drop this class first or you will receive a F. F's  are stupid to get but they happen!
Scheduled Quizzes: Quizzes must be done on the day scheduled. Check the semester schedule of:Quizzes,Tests, and Homework due dates. Makeups only for sever illness.
Attendance These are very short unannounced quizzes on concepts of the day. These attendance quizzes(AQ) are meant to produce a learning
Quizzes(AQs): experience on your understanding of the days lectured concepts. Also, the AQ serves as a print record of your attendance on that
day. The AQ's value varies depending on the number of students attending class that day. e.g...If the day is warm and pleasant ,which is 
encouraging for none class attendance, and few students attend class then the AQ value increases at the discretion of the instructor. 
Fair market value is given to these quizzes. Students who regularly attend class and work hard at learning usually receive max AQ credit.
Labs(L) & Usually we perform 12 labs(with reports) per semester. These labs reinforce and verify the concepts learned in class. Performance of labs is
Lab Reports: essential for your learning experience. No lab report is accepted after a TEST review date. There are three test reviews in the semester.
It is your responsibility to know when those last opportunities to submit lab reports are. No:Quiz,Test, Lab, or HW is acceptable without my inked approval.
Tests & Final Exam: Tests are always comprehensive and test your knowledge and understanding of all concepts previously covered. A day of review always precedes tests.
Required Portfolio: In the 2nd. Week of class a pocket portfolio will be distributed to all students. You are required to keep track of your progress in this course by your keeping 
Course Score Card. Also, in the portfolio you will file all graded: HWs,Tests, Quizzes,Lab reports, and Extra Credits. Portfolios are required on last day.
Course Progress You may contact me  either personally in my office, by phone, or by e-mail to have up to two progress conferences  during the semester.
Conferences: This will enable us to talk briefly about the course, discuss any problems you may have in learning, and check the record of your grade
(optional) points to date of the conference. This will enable us to be certain that you are in the process of completing all the requirements
for the grade level you expect to achieve. Be sure to bring your portfolio and course score card to this conference. 
Withdrawal Policy: It is your responsibility to know the last date to withdraw this semester from this course.
If by this date you are not certain that you will be able to meet the objectives for at least a C in the course, you should
consider withdrawing. After that date you will be given a performance grade which means a D or a F grade.
Most students who do not withdraw receive a F grade. I will not withdraw you. It is your responsibility to withdraw by the last withdrawal date
of this semester if you are not in the process(on the path) to the successful grade(A,B, or C) you wish to earn.  Please drop if needed.
Incomplete Policy: Incompletes are given only in cases of extreme and documented emergency, and at the discretion of the
instructor. Only when the student and the instructor have signed an INCOMPLETE FORM can a Incomplete
be recorded. Incomplete grades are rare. Even rarer are students completing a incomplete grade in the following semester.
Usually incomplete grades turn into F grades if not completed by the required completion date in the following semester.
Scholastic  Cheating on any test or any course requirement will result in punishment according to ACC's policy and procedures for scholastic dishonesty.
Dishonesty: You deserve to not do this to yourself. Consider the money and time you invested to learn in this course. This is truly failure on your part.
WARNING about Your greatest enemies in this course are TIME(the passing of which you can do nothing about) and PROCRASTINATION(which
TIME: you must avoid or you will surely not succeed). If you are not prepared to work everyday on this course be advised to withdraw from it.
Grade Standards & Your course score card contains the requirements for the grade levels you wish to attain. Departmental policy allows a Professor only four
Required Final discretionary points out of 100 final grade points. These EXTRA points must be earned and filed in your extra credit file up to one week
Individual Conference. prior to the final exam. The last day of final exam week I return & review the final exam. A required short private conference with each student takes place
this last day of final exam week in order to determine the students final grade based on the points accumulated on the students Course Score Card.
You are required to keep a neat and organized course portfolio(passed  out end of second wk. of class)which contains all your completed & graded
assignments. Inside this portfolio are your:Course Score Card(which I keep after the conference), a file of all your graded Quizzes, a file of all your
graded Homework, a file of all your completed & graded Tests, a file with all your graded lab reports if required, and a file of all graded Extra Credit.
You keep this portfolio after our final grade completion conference. I write your final grade on this portfolio as your grade receipt. Have a good semester.
I have read &
understand this
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