Dr. Cise, ACC Physics
Potential Essay Concept Regions: Final Exam
1 Momentum: Linear and angular
1A External force exists
1B """"""""""""""does not exist
1C External torque exists
1D """"""""""""""does not exist
2 Strength of materials:
2A Modul. Stress/strain
2B K=F/x
2C Y=F/A  divided by delta L/L
2D Bulk Mod.=P/delta V/V
3A Fluids: Fluids under fluids; p=dgh
3B Pascal Prin.:  F/A  = f/a
3C P = same in fluid
3D Archimedes Prin.
3DA Wt. fluid displaced = Buoyant force
3DB How used to get density of objects…remember lab we did.
3E Bernuillie's Principle.
3EA Work -energy theorem for multiple particles.
3EB W/V = delta K/V  + delta U/V
3EC  velocity of fluid = inverse proportional to pressure. Varies inverse to each
3F Eq. of continuity: VA =va, Vol/unit time at one point other.
  is Vol./unit time at another point in pipe
4A Simple Harmonic Motion: Penduliums and spring mass motion(frequency) and period.
4B What does f and T depend on and is that reasonable?
5A Waves:  v = (wave length) X frequency Where is this OK?
5AA When wave length is up, what happens to frequency?
5AB ………and  vice versa
5BA Transverse and longitudinal waves? What are they and what is the motion of
5BB medium they are in. Where do we find each type?
5CA Waves on strings, harmonics on strings and standing waves.
5DA frequency of vibes on string = 
5EA Standing waves in tubes. If you know one f, how can you get another?
6A Sound: Echos
6B Intensity is measured in dBs. What are intensity units?
6CA Doppler? What does that say about waves going away or toward some receiver?
A receiver could be your ears listening to cars passing on street.
6CB How do cops use the doppler effect to give you a prize ticket?
6CC How do doctors use the doppler effect to find the speed of your blood?
6CE What is the red shift all about?