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Graphing/Algebra 50000 Gal/day oil spill 1 1 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/50000GalPerDayOilSpill.mht The 2010 BP oil spill was about 50000 Gal/day.  
Vector Addition Afgahn Minerals found 1 2 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/AfghanMineralsFound.mht $1,000,000,000.00(trillion) in untapped minerals in Afganistan.
  Cold deep oil seeps:life 1 2 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/DeepColdPetroSeeps.mht Cold petrochemicals at seabed provide food for shellfish there.
  Gulf Oil Spill extent 1 2 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/GulfOilSpill2010.mht BP oil spill extent as of June 13,2010…Florida,Alabama,Miss.,La.
STATICS In static equilibrium 1 3 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BrooklynTheaterDance.mht To be in static equilibrium all the forces in the X & Y direction = 0.
  Origin of hang gliders 1 3 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/HangGliderForces.mht F.M.Rogallo was the father of the hang glider in 1962.
  Kne joint issue fix? 1 3 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/FemoralComponentKneeFix.mht Polyethaline surface on femur end separates as knee flexed..
  Easy bridge building 1 3 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BridgeOfFuture.mht Easier way to build small bridges over small streams.
  Brooklyn Bridge park 1 3 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BrooklynBridgePark.mht Brooklyn Bridge cables are under very large tension.
PROJECTILES Auto crash test 1 4,5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/CrashWithAirBags.mht Find decelleration of a car in a crash test at 35 mph into wall.
& Kinematics Dancer's parabolic path 2 4,5,9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/SleepingBeautyBallet.mht Not just:baseballs,tennis balls,golf balls, take parabolic paths.
  Skateboarders project 1 4,5,9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BrooklynBridgeSkateboarders.mht Skateboarder leaps are a great application of projectile motion.
Newton's 2 Law Private rocket Falcon 9 1 6,7 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/Falcon9Rocket2010.mht First private rocket is successful in 2010 at Kennedy Space ct.
  Statin ferry crash 2014. 1 6,7 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/FerryCrash2010.mht Ferryboat docked too fast due to lack of force back by prop.  
centripetal Force Surveillance Spacecraft 2 14,9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/ShuttleLikeX37B.mht Spacecraft launched in 2010 as a surveillance satellite.
  Private 2010 Space Ship 2 14,9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/PrivateSpaceStation2014.mht This spacecraft will be in orbit in 2014. Will carry 36 persons.
  Observing saturn 2010 2 14,9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/CassiniSaturn.mht Cassini spacecraft assisted by moon of Saturn's gravitation.
Work-Energy  Battery Powered Bike 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/CyclingMotor.mht In 2010 some professional cyclists accoused of using motors.
Power Agincourt Brit. Arrows 2 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/AgincourtArrows.mht 6000 british troops beat 14,000 French troops with arrows:1415.
  Ballet dancers up high 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/CityBallet2010.mht It takes a lot of work to leap in the air as these ballet dancers do.
  Motorcycle airbags 2 11,7 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/MotorcycleAirBags.mht Cyclist Air bags will help reduce injury due to motorcycle crashes.
  Same car: Different HP 1 11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/InfinitiM37andM56.mht Same car(slightly more mass) but greater HP should go faster.
  Last flight of Atlantis 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/25YrsOfAtlantis.mht Atlantis space shuttle has had 25 yrs of service & 32 missions.
Linear Momentum          
Static & Rotation Dancer in small box 2 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/LyonDanceInABox.mht Dancer in static & rotational equilibrium in a box becoming smaller
Equilibrium Dancers in equilibrium 1 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/SleepingGiantDance.mht Two male dancers in static & rotational equilibrium on one foot.
Rotation Motion Gym generated power 1 16 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/GenerateWatts.mht At your next gym workout generate your own electric power.
  Baseball pitch ang. V 1 13 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/PitcherArmRotation.mht Pitcher's rotate arm at ~22 rev/s when pitching 100 mph balls.
  Caterpillar's angular v. 1 13 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BulldozerRotations.mht Many rotating exterior wheels on a caterpiller tractor.
  Tidal power generation 2 16 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/WattsFromTides.mht Lots of electrical power possible from tides.   
Fluids: Bernulli, Sea depth pressures 1 18 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/PressureBelowOcean.mht At seven miles deep the pressure is 8 tons(16,000 lb)/inch^2
Eq. of continuity,            
Archimedes Prin. Gulf spill attempt to cap 1 18 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/OilContainmentDome.mht 90 Ton iron dome attempt to be placed over leaking crude oil.
HEAT Toucan beak heat 1 20 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/ToucanHeatConduction.mht 30-60% of Toucan"s body heat is lost through the beak.
SHM,Waves,Sound Happyness waves 1 22 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/HappynessGraph.mht Human happyness peacks at Thanksgiving then decays to June.
  Deep sea waves 1 22 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/DeepOceanWaves.mht These deep sea waves have characteristics of waves.