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Physics Concept Theme Lev unit Web Site Concepts and features of each page.  
Graphing/Algebra Computing areas 1 1 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/30ftNeckDinosaurs.mht Long necked dinosours eat an acre and move only 20 times.  
Vector Addition Tennis racket tension 1 1 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/TennisRacketData.pdf Tenneis pros string their rackets at different tensions.  
  Tour de France towns 1 2 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/tourdeFrance2011.pdf Tour the 2011 Tour de France route along the French country.  
STATICS Arches in equilibrium 1 3 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/TurkishArch.pdf For thousands of years humans knew how to cause equilibrium  
PROJECTILES Laser Light off moon. 1 4,5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BounceWavesOffMoon.pdf Laser light time to bounce from earth to moon and back  
& Kinematics Black Hole distance. 1 4,5 http://cisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BlackHoleSwallowsStar.pdf Black hole which "ate" star was 22.5 BillionBillion miles away.  
  Aluminum bats hit far. 1 4,5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BatBallCoefOfRestitution.pdf Aluminum bats have higher coefficient of restitution than wood.  
  Fleas leap at 100g's 2 9,4,5 http://cisePhysics.homestead.com/files/JumpingFleas.pdf Fleas jump 3" high producing accelerations of 100g.  
  c at Lg. Hadron Collider 1 4,5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/LargeHadronColliderStarts.pdf 11,000 times/s around a 17 mile circle = ~ <  light speed  
  Woman Javelin record  1 9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/Javelin1932BabeWon.pdf In 1932 Texas woman established many track and field records.  
  100 yr trip to close star 1 4,5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/30MmphToAlphaCentauri.pdf NASA is planning spaceship travel to Alpha Centauri in 2200.  
Newton's 2 Law Projected hammers. 1 14,9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/HammerThrowing.pdf Higher tangential velocity = greater hammer throw distance.  
centripetal Force Finding Jupiter's mass  2 14,9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/JunoSpacecraftToJupiter.pdf Juno will arrive at Jupiter July 4,2016 circling Jupiter 33 times.  
  Dancing Circles  2 14 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/DancingInCircles.pdf Circle dancing needs horiz. centripetal force+ vertical F.  
Work-Energy Car Power to climb Mt 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/StanleySteamerMtWashington.pdf Cars were steam powered in 1890s and could climb mountains.  
Power Archery bow's energy 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BowEnergy.pdf Work is needed to pull a bow and have potential energy.  
  Freestyle skier energy 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/WorkingTheHalfpipe.pdf ~31 mph vertical will get freestyle skier ~33 feet of air.  
  Plane stalls: KE to PE 2 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/NoseUp16Deg7000ftPermin.pdf Pilot driving stalled plane higher reduces air speed ~ 0  
  4000 mph & 62.5 mi. up 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/X_1ARocketPlane1954.pdf In the 1960s rocket planes went from 1400 mph to 4000 mph.  
  140 ft high escalator P 2 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/WashingtonHighEscalators.pdf Washington DC has 500 very high metro subway escalators.  
  Bowstring Energy 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/18inchPull140fps.pdf  25 lb bow pulled 18" produces launch speed of 140 ft/s.  
Static & Rotation Golf fitness w torque 1 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/GolfFitness2.pdf This is a neat way to get strength into your golf swing.  
Equilibrium Beams in Equilibrium 1 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/sohoartbeams.pdf Object art equilibrium attained with sum of Forces & torques = 0  
  Cowboy torques cow 1 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/RodioTorque.pdf Cowboys need to torque a bull's horns to get the bull to ground.  
Rotation Motion Moment of Inertia  + 2 16 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/HighWirePhilippePetit.pdf High wire walker increases moment of inertia with long rod.  
  Angular bike WORK 1 16 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BikeGearing.pdf You don't have to go to the gym to work out…..RIDE A BIKE.  
  Rotational WORK 1 16 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/WaterPumpWestAfrica.pdf High moment of inertia in angular kinetic energy put to do WORK.  
Fluids: Bernoulli Hydrostatic pressure 1 17 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/2MilesUnderSeaPressure.pdf 2 mi under sea  pressure is 2.8 tons/sq. inch.  
  Ice melts/Oceans + 0.2" 1 18 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/GreenlandMeltIncreasing.pdf Melt:Green.,Antarctica,Alaska ice=+1/5" oceans rise/5 yr  
Eq. of continuity, Boat buoyant force 1 18 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/ColombianDrugSubs.pdf Ten tons of drugs shipped from Colombia in this sub.  
Archimedes Prin. Balloon buoyant force 1 18 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/DroneBalloon2011.pdf US Army uses many types of drones. Balloons are one kind.  
HEAT 3D Computer chips 1 20 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/GrapheneFromSiliconCarbide.pdf Changing state has no temperature increase.  
SHM,Waves,Sound Harmonic Mating 1 22 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/HarmonicMating.pdf Fund. Freq. of 400 Hz & 600 Hz have 1200 Hz harmonic.   
  Tube Standing Wave 1 22 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/Ares1RocketStandingWaves.pdf 1st empty 18' Ares section standing wave.
  Expansion V: doppler 1 23 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/UniverseExpansionByDarkEnergy.pdf Doppler effect to estimate universe expansion V.