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Physics Concept Theme Lev unit Web Site QUESTION(S):Most are imbedded in web pages.
Vector Addition Greek-Turkish Dist. 1 2 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/TurkGreekResultant.mht Travel about beautiful eastern Mediterranian & find aresultant?
magnitude & direction Aral Sea fill up 1 2 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/AralSeaFillUp.mht Missing sea water is reaplaced.Regional trip solution.
Kinematics 2nd. Base stealing. 1 4&5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/CanUStealSecondBase.mht Pitcher throws pitch and first base runner tries to steal second.
Hint: Use "big 5 Eqs." Earthquake wave v 1 4&5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/SFEarthquakeWaves.mht Eathquakes have P & S waves with different velocities.
  Audi & Mercedesa 1 4&5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/AudiKinematics.mht Find:acceleration(a),deceleration(a),accel./deceleration distance
PROJECTILES Torino Snowboard 2 9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/ProjectileSnowboardNYT.mht Find:Initial v,time of flight t,maximum height of 2006 USA winner.
  Houston Ballet 2 9 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/HoustonBalletProjectiles.mht Using projectile concepts find:air time,initial speed,X distance?
Newton's 2 Law Sudden Brain Stops 1 6&7 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/HeadInjuries.mht Falling on head/ Football injuries involve brain sudden stops.
Statics Cable car at rest 1 3 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/CableCarStatics.mht 70 Cable car passengers trapped 250 ft. over East Rv.
1 object 2 forces Home made rockets 1 6 & 7 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BackyardRocketeers.mht 18 foot long homemade rockets reach 94,000 feet.
Inclined Plan Water moves up hill 1 8 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/WaterMovesUpHill.mht Potential cooling process for microprocessers.3/20/06
GRAVITY Earth rise effect on g 1 8 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/GravityandTsunami.mht Two cases where earth rising causes gravity to decrease?
  14 Planets > Pluto 1 8 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/14BiggerThanPluto.mht Pluts's gravity is quite small. Find it and compare to Earth's g.
centripetal Force Luge centripetal F. 2 14 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/CentripetalLugeNYT.mht Find angle of banking turn at 90 mph for Torino Luge turn?
  Ligity's slalom turn 2 14 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/SlalomingLigity.mht Find radious of turn as Ligity's makes slalom turn at Turino 2006?
  Satellite 438 miles up 2 14 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/Satellite438MilesHigh.mht In Polar orbit rather than a traditionalW to E 160 mi. high orbit
  0 gravity wed dress 2 14 http://cisephysics.homestead.com/files/ZeroGravityWedding.mht Dressing for space weddings is being looked at by designers.
  Moon OnceSpon fast 1 14 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/MoonSpinOnAxisChange.mht Moon fatter at center due to it once spon much faster.
Work-Energy Dance Energy 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/NYTDanceEnergy032706.mht NYCity's Amer. Repertory Dance company does a lot of work.
  200 mph race crash. 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/200mphCrashEnergy.mht 200 mph crash contains a lot of energy. Find out how much.
  Iceberg climbing 2 11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/IceBergClimbing.mht A way to workout...Iceberg climbing. Falling & sliding down also!
  World Cup Soccer 1 11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/WorldCupSoccer2006.mht Good save at Goal by Ghana in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.
  Hydraulic Hybrid Car 1 11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/HydraulicHybrid.mht Confirm compressed nitrogen produces 1,100,000 ft.lb of energy
  The Eiger is Falling 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/EigerIsFalling.mht Global warming has reduced Alps Glaciers by 1/3of 1850 size
Impulse-Momentum 90 mph fastball hit. 2 12 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/90mphFastballHomerun.mht Uae projectile ideas finding ball's homer velocitythen momentum
Rotational Motion Roddick's Serves 1 13,14 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/RoddickServes150MPH.mht Andy hits tennis balls on serve up to 150 mph. Wow! Thatís fast.
Static & Rotation Ballet Equilibrium 2 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/KimHollisterMem15.mht Kim learned her Physics well. She knows equilibrium in nature.
Equilibrium Legs at 120 degrees. 2 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/LegEquilibrium.mht Dancer led at 30 degrees above horizontal. Find:T,H, & V on leg?
  Crane equilibrium 2 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/CraneEquilibrium.mht Construction Cranes are perfect for static & rotational equilibrium.
Torque causes        
Angular Acceleration          
Fluids CO2 Problem Solved 1 19 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/CO2ProbSolved10Kdown.mht 10K feet of water pressureincreases C02 density + traps it.††
HEAT Ice mel is 16' sea rise 1 20 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/GreenlandArticIceMelt.mht By 2100 oceans rise ~ 16 ft. due to Artic ice melt.
  Global Warming 2 20 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/GlobalWarming.mht Find heattrapped since 1800 causing + 1 F degree gloabally.