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Physics Concept Theme Lev unit Web Site QUESTION(S):  Most are imbedded in web pages.
Vector Addition Oil makes another Pres. 1 2 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/Gazprom2ndOnlyToExxon.mht Travel  Russian oil and gas fields which makes supply bright.
PROJECTILES Run off pier into ocean 1 9,4,5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/CulebraIsleNearPuertoRico.mht Find time to hit water and initial horizontal running velocity?
& Kinematics Record 35 feet of air. 1 4,5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/35feetOfAirForDumont.mht Freeskier(stunts) has such a huge vertical velocity initial.
  Bear Jumps Ice flows 1 9,4,5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/PolarBearJumpsIce.mht Great picture of the last Polar Bear jumping to the last ice flow.
  25 mile high free fall 1 4,5 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/25MileHighFreeFall.mht This human freefaller exceeded the speed of sound.
Newton's 2 Law Truck tire rolling friction. 1 6,7 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/OneThirdRollingFriction.mht New truck tires reduce rolling friction  thus efficiency is up.
## May 08 Mars Landing 1 6,7 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/PhoenixSpacecraftMarsLanding.mht May 25,2008 soft landing on Mars of Phoenix Spacecraft.
Statics Physics of arch. 1 3 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/PlasticBottleArch.mht Good application of sum F = 0 for static equilibrium.
  Another arch example 1 3 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/AquaticBridge.mht Beautiful arched bridge over a lake with nicewater reflections
centripetal Force Iran U235 Centrifuges 1 14 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/U235Separation.mht  Iranian centrifuges separate U235(fissionable) from U238.
# Orbiter see Phoenix  2 14 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/MarsOrbiterSeesPhoenix.mht Orbiter sees(pic) May 25,2008  landing of Phoenix Spacecraft.
  Darlington's 25 degrees 2 14 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/Darlingtons25DegreeCorners.mht 25-31 degree banking make turns easier than flat roads.
Work-Energy 33 ft. air from halppipe 1 10,11 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/WorkingTheHalfpipe.mht Freestyle skier Simon Domont goes for 33 ft. of air in Maine
# Reatativistc proton  2 11,10 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/LargeHadronColliderBlackHoles.mht       Using Kinetic energy equation(relativistic) find v of proton?
  Bow energy. 1 11,10 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BowEnergy.mht Good application of the work-energy concepts.
  Ants can fly. 1 11,10 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/FlyingAnt.mht Ants falling can orrient their bodies so they land on their feet.
  Europe's Module orbits 1 11,10 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/ColumbusModule.mht It takes a lot of energy  to place this 22,700 lb in space.
  Leaping Gymnasts. 1 11,10 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/RomanianAerosGymnasts.mht Great application of the work-energy theorem.
  Atmosphere friction 2 11,10 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/PhoenixFrictionWork.mht Atmosphere,parachutes, thrusters: all used to slow Phoenix.
Static & Rotation Unusual body elevation  2 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BrazilianGrupoCorpo.mht Flat on floor try elevating both your body and legs. It is Possible
Equilibrium Equilibrium: Miami Ballet 2 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/MiamiCityBallet.mht Great application of static & rotational equilibrium concepts.
  Bridge overloaded 1 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/MinneapolisCollapse.mht Almost ten persons died on this overloaded bridge.
  Slaves row galley ships 1 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/GalleySlavesTorque.mht Stern vs. midship rowing is harder. Archimedes knew concept.
  Rowing a boat=torque 1 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/ScullingOlympicStyle.mht Torque is the essential concept when rowing a boat or skull.
  Bush shovels it again. 1 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BushPlantsOakTree.mht Shoveling requires iconcepts of ststaic & Rotational equilibrium.
  Bridge work equilibrium 2 15 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BrooklynBridgePainters.mht Working on bridge support wires takes a lot of equilibrium skill.
Torque = I alpha Batter swings at ball. 1 13 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/battersSwingSpeed.mht Home plate batters MUST judge balls speed & swing correct v.
& Angular Motion BMX Bikes Olympics 2 13,16 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BMXatBeijing.mht Angular Dynamics of BMX bike at Beijing Olympics:Fun stuff.
  Pres. Nixon bowling. 1 16 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BowlerNixon.mht  Pres. Nixon causes bowling ball's linear/angular kinetic energy.
Material Strength Titanic Rivets weak 1 17 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/TitanicRivetStrengthPoor.mht Steel is stronger than iron rivets. Titanic makers used iron?
Fluids P   2 mi. under sea 1 18 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/2MilesUnderSeaPressure.mht Pressure is so great at 2 miles down the P = 2.8 tons/sq. inch.
   Vol/time ups efficiency 2 18,13 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BigFanSmallerfMoreVol.mht Jet power up with larger front fan at lower frequency.
  Airplane wing lift. 2 18 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/A380ForAPrince.mht With oil $100-$200 / barrel Saudi Prince travels in biggest plane
  Cannon buoyancy 1 18 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/PiratesBuoyantCannon.mht Archimedes says objects are buoyed up by water displaced.
HEAT Big pile of snow melts 1 20 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/BigSnowPileMelts.mht Good latent heat of fusion application at Ottawa Canada.
  Nuke Cooling Towers 1 20 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/CoolingTower.mht Vaporization: Liquids to vapors(gas)..a heat extraction process
Simple Harmonic, Human Pendulum 1 21 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/MITHumanPendulum.mht MIT Physics Prof. uses his body as a pendulum bob oscillating.
Waves & Sound  # Tube resonance 1 22 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/Ares1RocketStandingWaves.mht Rocket tube like organ pipe...resonates at specific frequency.
  Mouth/Throte Tube 1 23 http://CisePhysics.homestead.com/files/LasersTreatCancersOfLarynx.mht Mouth to Larynx tract approximates a closed tube